From Columbus Day to Election Day

Spanish Cognate: list-listaAutumn is full of history and groundbreaking events and concerns about voting, jobs and identity create a fascinating climate for those who can vote and those still in school. It’s not as fun as learning Spanish fast and easy but we’re curious how big your listlista has been growing to keep up with current affairs near and far.

Spanish Cognate: expansionism-expansionismoThis country hasn’t been without its drama ever since it was discovered not by Christopher Columbus but by Amerigo Vespucci, both native Italians. While expansionismexpansionismo requires its pioneers to be territorial, it seems fitting that the real explorer of North and South America received the honor of having a country named after him. Although Columbus was granted a day of recognition, and an unfavorable reputation among Native Americans, his special day is known in Spanish speaking countries as Día de la Raza. Perhaps this change in phrasing was most prominently influenced by the peninsular country of Spain’s power during the 1500 and 1600s.

Spanish Cognates: artist-artistaNot only was the country powerful in budding its empire across continents, it also birthed prominent artistsartistas whose influences are relevant today. Can you guess who would have celebrated 135 years of life had he been alive to celebrate on October 25? He went through a blue phase, red phase, African-influenced phase and is probably most recognized for his tactics with cubism. It would have been Picasso!

Spanish Cognate: dentist-dentistaAcross the Atlantic, Americans needing an easy way to learn Spanish fast have been bubbling with all sorts of anticipation for many upcoming changes. Presidential debates have come to an end but conversations on buses, in cafes and up and down the streets speculate with passion who they think is the most appropriate puppet to occupy the White House. Addressing concerns about healthy lifestyles has been one of the top priorities of the current president and First Lady. Spanish Cognates: optimism-optimismo This, along with pressures of taxing sugary drinks, must have influenced PepsiCo to release a recent commitment to reduce the intense amount of sugar in its 12-ounce cans. Maybe now patients of dentistsdentistas all around can bask in optimismoptimismo when they go in for their six-month check-up.

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