Express Yourself with Cognates

Express Yourself with Cognates

Summer is upon us and there's no better time to express yourself while learning Spanish fast and easy since school is out for the next few months. Look no further for ways to express yourself beyond your zodiaczodiac sign. Now more than ever are special occasions for people to celebratecelebrar themselves based on their interestsintereses.

Do you get into baking? Are you a history buff, advocate for the environment or an optimist? Maybe you're the type of person who just enjoys sharing imaginaryimaginario tidbits of information with your friends. If you're any of these or just wanting to find the best way to learn Spanish to get a leg up on your classmates this summer, keep reading and don't be afraid to express yourself as you learn Spanish fast.

For bakers

Spanish Cognates: chocolate-chocolate

A lot of joy can come from a chocolatechocolate chip. The sight of a chocolate chip can excite even the youngest pair of eyes which is perhaps the reason May 15 has been coined Chocolate Chip Day. Can you believe just two days later World Baking Day was created to spread the excellenceexcelencia of baking to everyone, whether they are frequent or apprehensive bakers. One of our favorite holidays this summer is NationalNacional Doughnut Day celebrated on the first Friday of June. Why is it a favorite? Tell us how you teach yourself Spanish in the comment section below and we’ll tell you what’s so special about Doughnut Day.

For nature enthusiasts

Spanish Cognates: garden-jardín

Effects of climate change are more evident now than ever before, which is why days used to bring awareness to animals and Mother Nature may seem silly but are actually quite necessarynecesario. May 19 was Endangered SpeciesEspecie Day and May 23 was Turtle Day. Name some other extraordinaryextraordinario animals that are endangered below. Not so into animals? GardenJardín Exercise Day is the ideal way for you to get those hands dirty and connect with Mother Nature while staying healthy.

For history buffs

Spanish Cognates: biography-biografía

One of the best ways to learn Spanish is to learn as much as possible about a culture that uses the language. When was the last time you read a biographybiografía of a Spanish-speaking icon? Biographers Day was on May 19 but don’t worry, you have all summer to catch up on life histories of influentialinfluyente Spanish-speakers. Not only are people objects of intellectualintellectual desire this summer, inventions that are still relevant today get their own moments in the limelight too.

Spanish Cognates: machine-máquina

Originally the sewing machinemáquina was invented by a cabinet maker and wasn’t even intended for clothes when it first came out. Maybe this is why it seems like the device requires hereditaryhereditario skills in order to be successfully used. Ever heard of Loomis Day? It was on May 30 but refers to the dentist who created the wireless telegraph, which may seem like an ordinaryordinario thing but continues to have a tremendous impact on present-day communication.

For optimists

With nice weather come positive thoughts and there’s an abundanceabundancia of special days that highlight the significance of positive thinking. Be a Millionaire Day and Geek Pride Day were at the end of May. June started off with Say Something Nice Day and Upsy Daisy Day, which speak to the necessitynecesidad of saying something nice even it’s imaginaryimaginario or absolutelytemporario. June 15 is dedicated to the power of a smile as Smile Power Day. Comment below and share how you stay positive when you’re looking for the fastest way to learn Spanish.

Below are some more cognates that end with –ary in English and –ario in Spanish.

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