Make the Most of Your Time

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Spanish Cognates: balance-balancear How do you balancebalancear your time with school, sports, chores and time with friends and family? Do you have goals established for each facet of your life? Have you thought about tracking your progress with your goals? We can guess technology is probably one tool used to track what needs to be done. Of course, if you need to learn Spanish fast, we recommend using to boost your performance and incorporate technology in the classroom. For other achievements you have in mind, we can offer some tips to help you make the most of your time.

Spanish Cognates: clarify-clarificarr The first step of creating balance in your daily routines to achieve your academic and extracurricular goals is to clarifyclarificar what you want to achieve. This isn’t just a New Year resolution sort of thing that can take place either. Let’s use quickly learning Spanish as an example. The next step is to simplifysimplificar why you want to achieve that goal. Perhaps you want to travel to Cuba and explore the architecture and culture of Havana. Maybe the festival of San Fermín has always drawn you to the city of Pamplona, Spain and inspired you to run with the bulls. The reason doesn’t have to be complicated but it must be a priority in your own mind.

Spanish Cognates: codify-codificar The next step is to codifycodificar the steps you need to take in order to accomplish your goals. Prior to being notifiednotificado of the first landing on the moon, an outrageous number of milestones needed to be in place so every team could merge and collaborate effectively for the safekeeping of astronauts and equipment. To quantifycuantificar your time is another important step. Can you quantifycuantificar your time is another important step. Can you imagineimaginar how Walt Disney adjusted time on each project when he started the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio with his brother nearly 100 years ago?

Spanish Cognates: modified-modificadoThe amount of work you can accomplish depends on how you use your time but this can also be modifiedmodificado depending on new ideas, new goals or your desire to discard something you envisioned for a more practical result. Sometimes the smallest modifications make the biggest difference. Take, for example, the introduction of crossword puzzles to newspapers over 100 years ago. This simple adjustment has become synonymous with the grey residue left on fingertips when fumbling around with the large and flimsy pages of a periodical. Just like the World Bank was created more than 70 years ago to rectifyrectificar capital programs, these simple steps can be used to improve the impact you have with your personal successes.

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