What’s Going on with Cognates These Days?

Girl sitting on couch with a wave of cognates coming out of tv

Learning another language is one of the best ways to compete in today's global economy. The earlier a language is learned, the more cognitive benefits and dynamicdinámico learning process a person will experience. Since English and Spanish share Latin roots, there’s a ton of words in English that can have a related word in Spanish. Why does this matter? If you’re trying to learn Spanish fast and easy, keep up with SpanishCognates.org for simple tricks for learning cognates.

One easy way to learn Spanish fast is identifying English words that end with -ic and making the word end with -ico in Spanish. These slight differences are what makes the following words near perfect cognates. Let’s see how cognates can be integrated with what’s going on these days.

Spanish Cognates: toxic-tóxico

Big Bird had a panicpánico when he celebrated his birthday after learning PBS would experience budget cuts.

toxictóxico water is a hot topic these days and has been since United Nations World Water Day was designated in 1993.

Hairstyles at Fashion Week for Spring 2017 were both exoticexótico and ironicirónico when they resembled the aesthetics of cartoon characters on Hey Arnold.

Spanish Cognates: eccentric-excéntrico

The eccentricexcéntrico Harry Houdini would have turned 143 years old had he escaped death.

The poeticpoético Robert Frost also would have turned 143 but he continues being remembered for this way of celebrating the motion of thoughts, emotions and words.

José Zorrilla’s story of the romanticromántico yet overzealous Don Juan Tenorio turned 173 years old and remains an influential story of trickery and fate.

Spanish Cognates: concentric-concentrico

New and improved doughnut specialists continue popping up across the country to give audiences lovely concentricconcéntrico fried creations.

Below is a review of more cognates that go from -ic in English to -ico in Spanish.

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