Why Have Role Models

When was the last time someone asked, “Who is your role model?” Did you name a relative or someone in the public eye? Maybe it was someone in your community that isn’t widely recognized. Or perhaps it was someone who knew of an easy way to learn Spanish fast that you were skeptical of announcing in front of your peers. Whether we emulate our role models or are seeking the best way to learn Spanish, it’s worth recognizing why we have role models.

Spanish Cognates: boxer-boxeador Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a figure of hope, peace and leadership and a major influenceinfluencia in the American civil rights movement. His fight for equality and impact on US legislation continues to be honored on a day defineddefinido by his birthday. Evidence of his powerful legacy, which remains a topic of conversation, reinforces why he is a significant role model today. Muhammad Ali, whose name was convertedconvertido from Cassius Clay Jr. before joining the Nation of Islam, is another humanitarian role model who is relevant to the pursuit of peace and social responsibility. Perhaps more popular were his accomplishments as an esteemed boxerboxeador whose career and goodwill continue to be respectedrespetado.

Spanish Cognates: hero-héroe From these individuals, we learn about trials and tribulations in the fight for what is right, which are definitely attributesatributos of quality role models. But heroshéroes can be found in other realms. Would you consider anyone in the literary world to be a role model? It does take plenty of personal experience to give a story its heart, careful planning to develop characters and events, as well as diligent divisiondivisión of time to deliver a Spanish Cognates: divide-dividirproductproducto to readers around the world. Langston Hughes is a leaderlíder of the Harlem Renaissance whose extensive and diverse written work celebrates the African American working class during a time when messages of perseverance were most needed. Acknowledgment of the amount of poetry, non-fiction, plays, novels and short stories came in the form of literary honors and books awards presented during his life. However, even more iconic was the naming of schools after the author and continued respect given to his work in classrooms across the US.

Spanish Cognates: introduce-introducir When thinking about role models, one cannot fail to mention Oprah Winfrey who has introducedintroducido the public to fascinating stories, powerful frames of thought and a role model of entrepreneurial excellence. There’s no doubt she is a master of dividing time responsibly but even more impactful are the hardships she faced prior to being recognized as the first African American woman to accomplish a range feats.

So tell us, who is your role model? Why?

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