Identity in 2016

Identity in 2016

Spanish Cognate: identity-identidadWhat does identityidentidad mean to you? Do you consider physical characteristics or emotional traits to define who you are as an individual in this space and time? How does history or traditionstradiciones influence your perception of self? November is Native American Heritage Month and the displacement they experienced after the expeditionexpedición of Christopher Columbus strikes an interesting chord in 2016 among native and non-native residents of this country.

Spanish Cognate: speculation-especulaciónPrior to this year’s electionelección race between Clinton and Trump, speculationespeculación about ballots, propositions and government official was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Debate viewer numbers were at record highs, social media teemed with likes, dislikes and sharing of opinions while the campaign stamina of each presidential candidate unveiled eccentricityexcentricidad across the entire American landscape.

No one can hide curiositycuriosidad about the future impact made by a Republican president. In Michigan—a state that hasn’t voted Republican since 1988—elementary and middle school students asked tough questions that teachers responded to as politically correctly as possible while holding back tears. The day after elections, high school and university students in California voiced strong sentiments in favor of the Republican president’s abdicationabdicación in the form of protest.

Spanish Cognates: unity-unidadWhile protests and dismay outweighed celebrationcelebración across the US after the election results favored the Republican party, Democratic leadership encouraged a sense of unityunidad while moving forward. This is especially important as honor is paid to significant occasions in November like National Adoptionadopción Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, the fall of the Berlin Wall, as well as the US Supreme Court ruling racial segregation on public buses as unconstitutional. Perhaps once the impacts of American tradition and these events are fully considered on an individual level, stronger senses of identity can be achieved. Tell us which events, people, traditions or characteristics shape your identity!

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